Nasty Nine Best Bets: UFC Fight Night – Song Kenan vs. Max Griffin

The Nasty Nine Podcast

One is a technical striker with a knack for TKOs, the other only has one loss due to stoppage. It’s UFC Fight Night and you know what that means!

Song Kenan vs. Max Griffin

Tale of the Tape

Song “The Assassin” KenanFIGHTERMax “Pain” Griffin
170 lbs.WEIGHT170 lbs.
71.5 in.REACH76 in.
Jackson-Wink MMATEAMMarinoble’s Martial Arts


Unless someone decides to go against his own tendencies, this one is sure to stay on the feet until one man sleeps or the final bell sounds. Neither fighter has ever had a poor showing, even in defeat, and we can expect plenty of action. No MMA fan should be asking why this fight is on the main card.

Path to Victory – Kenan

Song Kenan is the more technical striker, but he often takes…

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