Slasher Sports Best Bets – UFC Fight Night: Abdul Razak Alhassan vs. Jacob Malkoun

A knockout artist moving up in weight facing a young Aussie making his sophomore appearance in the UFC – the middleweights are ready to create fireworks, you know what that means….

Photo by MMA Junkie

Tale of the Tape

Abdul Razak AlhassanFighterJacob Malkoun
70 in.Reach69 in.
Texas, USAFromNew South Wales, AU
Fortis MMATeamPMA Super Martial Arts

Path to Victory – Alhassan

Photo by MMA Junkie

No secrets, mysteries, nor speculation to be made, Alhassan is headhunting in this one and if the past predicts the future, he’s looking to do it early. Abdul Razak Alhassan has 10 wins, all by KO, all in the 1st round. He has KO power in both hands and even moving up in weight for this 3 round scrap, the night has the possibility of ending early one more time.

The man standing across the Octagon suffered a KO loss in his previous fight, back in late October, in the opening round vs. Phil Hawes. We know the lights can be turned off quickly and I strongly feel this is the route Alhassan will see as well. Don’t blink in the first 5 minutes, you might miss it all.

Path to Victory – Malkoun

Photo by MMA Junkie

Though he comes in the underdog, there are a few items of interest that might favor Jacob Malkoun. The Mamba faces Alhassan who is making a jump in weight to 185 for the first time since 2017, where Malkoun has been most of his young career.

Much like Malkoun, Abdul Razak Alhassan is coming off a very early KO loss, a first for both fighters. Jacob Malkoun knows that if he is able to touch the chin, he can turn the lights off.

You know what the biggest word in the English dictionary is? It’s the word “if”. Well, IF Malkoun can weather the early storm, as the proverb says, his chances in winning are multiplied exponentially. Alhassan has never won a fight when he was unable to get a 1st round KO. Once that bell ring between rounds, Alhassan has lost every fight in which he’s competed. If Malkoun can’t turn the lights off, grinding out a victory is still very much in the realm of best bets.

Best Bets

  • The bulk of my cash on this fight will go toward the method of winning. Looking to eat some value by looking at the most probable outcome with a 3u wager on Alhassan by KO/TKO/DQ.
  • The moneyline is ugly in this one, therefore we are in search of some value. Looking at an Alhassan win in round 1 give us +120 odds and that’s where I’m putting a single unit of cash. Putting down 1u on Alhassan with a R1 win.
  • Although we could easily put the Alhassan ML into a parlay and call it a night, we want more value than the -300 or so odds. Seeing as Alhassan ONLY has KO wins on his resume, let’s skip the ML and go straight for the bet above, and take Alhassan by KO/TKO/DQ as a parlay piece as well as a single bet. If you’re wondering which fight to parlay, take a look at Arlovski vs. Sherman for a solid secondary piece.

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