When Did Trevor Bauer Become the Villain?

A throw from the mound over the fence, a heroic call-out of the league’s commissioner, and a 2020 season to remember. These are just a few accolades that have occurred over the past few seasons with the reigning National League Cy Young winner. However, it is not all rainbows and butterflies for the new arm in L.A., as he has slowly turned into a villain across the league. The question remains, how?

As Trevor was throwing nails and a no-hitter into the 7th inning of Friday night’s game in Colorado, the cocky Bauer seemed unstoppable. That changed with a bloop into the outfield by Trevor Story and two Coors Field moonshots by Charlie Blackmon and Ryan McMahon. Bauer left the game with an ERA of 5.68, despite the impressive start. This had social media and keyboard warriors turning Bauer into a laughingstock. Thankfully, a cat running onto the field after his departure from the game softened the blow.

This is the same player that stood up for the game only last year when Bauer got on video for his Momentum brand to call out commissioner Manfred to update the game. So, what changed? It all happened with the way Bauer handled his free agency and his team selection (of course). Let’s break down what indeed went south for the real-life Homelander.

Once Bauer officially became a free agent, he posted on Twitter that he would listen to all offers, even outside the MLB. Although we knew leagues such as the KBO couldn’t compete monetarily, it was still a sign that Bauer was aware he was about to get a big payday. Did he deserve a big payday? Well, that’s a story for a different day, but let’s say I’m a little pessimistic since Bauer has truly only had (checks notes) one good season.

It appeared to many that Bauer would be taking his talents to the Big Apple and become a member of the Mets. Mets fandom was ready to ring him in, especially after the excitement of their new owner Steven Cohen. They were awaiting their big payday player. Although they would soon get one in Francisco Lindor, they lost out on the Bauer sweepstakes to the other coast. Bauer signed with the Dodgers in early February for three years and 102 Million Dollars. Although he apologized to Mets fans across his social media platforms, we fans across the sport knew what he was doing. He knew where he was signing; he just wanted to drag out the process for performative reasons. Broadway is shutdown in NYC, so the butter knife cutting tension was something fans couldn’t resist.

For a pitcher who won the Cy Young the prior season, Bauer knew this was his one opportunity to capitalize on a big-time payday. It may have cost him some fandom across the country, especially on the east coast. Either way, you look at the coin, whether it’s his large payday or his media company “Momentum” getting a bunch of publicity, I don’t see Mr. Bauer losing sleep over it anytime soon.

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